• September 13, 2021

How to make your hair feel like a ponytail without resorting to hair gel

By now, most of you are probably familiar with how hair gel is made.It’s made from a combination of organic oils and plant extracts, which are then sprayed onto the hair and it grows into a natural ponytail. But there’s another way to make hair gel that is far more effective. Here’s how to make it without…

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How to use hair transplants in India to grow your own hair

The practice of hair transplantation has been around in India for centuries.Today, it’s an extremely popular way to get a new pair of eyebrows or eyelashes.The procedure is not as easy as it sounds, though.India is the only country where it’s illegal to transplant hair follicles without the permission of a medical practitioner.Here are the…

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Hair transplant costs $150,000 for hair transplant costs, experts say

A $150 million hair transplant operation for a patient with cancer could be delayed, leading to a higher cost and an increased risk of infection.The Royal Australasian College of Gynaecologists (RACG) has warned that the costs of a successful hair transplant could be up to $1 million a day if a patient is not well…

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Which hair types are ‘too fine’ for hair replacement surgery?

It’s not unusual to have a problem with the hair on your head, but what if you have a very fine hair and it’s causing a problem?That’s the question being asked after a new study found that hair transplants can be problematic.The findings suggest that the problem can be much worse than previously thought.The new…

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