• July 27, 2021

When can we expect hair transplants in India?

The first time I saw a man’s hair transplant was in December, 2006.A patient named Raja had recently had his hair cut off at a local hospital, and had been in pain for the past two weeks.“I had never seen anyone with this kind of hair loss before,” he told me.“When I woke up the…

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Hair transplant and male pattern in a Single Session

The hair transplant and hair loss treatment are not available in India right now, according to a top official of the Indian Society of Hairdressers (ISH).However, there is no need to worry because Hairdresser Surjit Singh, MD, and president of the Society of Professional Hairdressing, Dr. S.R. Singh, are working on a solution.Singh said the…

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Why are Indian players losing hair?

The hair transplant program in India, which has been a cornerstone of the country’s sporting and cultural heritage, has seen a sharp decline in recent years.Now, the number of transplants is in a decline, according to a new report from the International Hair Loss Research Foundation (IRLF).The IRLF report, “Hair Loss in Men,” found that…

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Why India has the worst hair transplant surgery in the world

The country is one of the worst performing hair transplant operations in the developed world, and India has long been a hotbed of hair transplants.The country has seen over 10,000 transplants in the past two decades, according to the Indian Institute of Hair Research (IHIHR).But the surgery in India is extremely rare.“In most cases, patients…

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When is a breast augmentation procedure a good idea?

On February 11, 2017, a 28-year-old woman from Vijayagiri, Kerala, died of a massive cardiac arrest due to severe hypoxemia due to radiation poisoning.Her condition had worsened after she was taken to the hospital for a hysterectomy for breast cancer.A postmortem examination conducted by Dr Kunal Kumar revealed that the patient was suffering from severe…

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