• September 21, 2021

How to make your hair thin for a hair transplant

NEW YORK — Hair is the most important part of your look, and hair loss can be the worst.But what happens when you have to get your hair transplant?A new salon in New York City offers a new way to grow your hair.The clinic at the Brooklyn Bridge Hospital offers a $2,000 surgery that can…

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Hair loss in males and women: What you need to know

The term hair loss is sometimes used to describe the process of hair loss that occurs after age 65.Hair loss is usually caused by diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and the like, that interfere with hair growth.Hair losses are more common in older adults and those who have diabetes, but it can happen to anyone.But…

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Why a ‘Hair Loss’ Surgery Could Be a Miracle for Women

Women in India are being urged to take their hair to a specialist after a mysterious illness prompted them to go to the hospital with an infection.The condition was described by some as “hair loss.”According to local media reports, women with hair loss who went to the emergency department at a private hospital in Kolkata,…

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Hair transplantation in Hyderabadi

Hyderabad: Hair transplant patients will get their own hairdresser at a cost of Rs 2,000 each, the first such scheme in the country.A doctor will provide a haircut, wash and manicure, according to the Health Ministry.The patients will also get their hair cut in the name of the National Hair Regeneration Project.“This is a great…

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A look at the best cosmetic hair care for the most sensitive skin

Cosmetic dermatology has been around for a while now, but the latest in this series of articles on hair treatment is going to be one of the most interesting to read about.The topic of hair treatment has been discussed in a lot of ways, from cosmetic treatments to hair products and even hair transplants.But what…

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When it comes to hair styles, what should you wear to the doctor?

Hair loss can be a tricky problem, and sometimes hair loss has to be treated on an individual basis.That is why many cosmetic procedures can help prevent hair loss from happening to you.But what should I wear?Hair loss: It is very important to remember that the only way to reduce hair loss is to maintain…

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Woman who lost her hair for 25 years now has a new one!

Theresa Williams, a 62-year-old grandmother in California, had her hair cut in 1984 and was told she would never grow it back again.But in 2018, Williams found a solution: a plastic surgery.She was offered a $2,000 procedure to replace her hair.Now, she’s going back to her roots, cutting and styling her hair once more with…

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