• September 25, 2021

How to use this handy hair transplant guide

If you’ve been itching to buy a new pair of locks, this article may be of some help.If you have any hair issues with your locks, it’s time to take the plunge. The new hair transplant guidelines come after a rash of cases in which people were getting transplants of their own hair, some of which…

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‘Totally amazing’: Man takes on hair transplant in California

This story is part of USA TODAY’s coverage of the hair transplant.A man who lost a large part of his hair following an operation to help prevent cancer has been left with a pair of new, fully-grown, hair-covered ears.The Los Angeles native, who spoke on condition of anonymity, took his transplant to the surgeon’s office…

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How to cut hair without an expensive wig

People who cut hair are often worried about getting hair transplants.But a new study found that, on average, a few thousand patients get hair transplanted every year in India.In India, there are over 1 million hair transplant patients in the country, according to the Indian Society of Hair Transplant, and over 80 percent of these…

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How to tell if your hair is bald or not?

You know when your hair looks like it was put in a basket and thrown in a barrel?That’s because you’re bald.You probably also know that it can make your skin crawl when you get on the subway.Hair loss can affect your health, and you may need to start getting it checked out.Here’s what you need…

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How to buy a hair transplant: How to find the right doctor, and what you should expect

The procedure for getting a hair transplanted is not as simple as you might think, says a consultant in the field.Dr. S.V. Suresh Kumar says the process can take up to a year and cost as much as $100,000, depending on the type of hair transplant.“The main thing is to go to a hospital,” he…

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How to Get Hair Loss Treatment in Hydera

In Hyderabad alone, Hyderabad-based Hair Tips has been providing hair loss treatments to people with the condition for more than a decade.In 2017, the company expanded to Hyderabad and has also been doing hair transplant surgeries in the city.Today, it’s the largest hair transplant clinic in the country, according to Hair Tips CEO and Founder…

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How to get your hair transplanted in India

You’ve heard of the Hair Transplant Surgery in India?If you’re not familiar with it, it is a procedure to get hair transplants to your hair on your head, body and neck.The procedure involves removing the hair follicles and replacing them with hair follicle transplants from local donors.Here’s what you need to know.Hair transplant in India…

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Hair transplant is a new option for hair loss treatment

Hair transplant, a controversial procedure that uses synthetic keratin, has recently become available to the public.Hair transplants are considered relatively cheap and effective in the short term, but their long-term health effects are not known.Today, we’ll look at the pros and cons of the new procedure, and discuss its potential health risks.The Benefits of Hair…

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How do you find a hair transplant in Vancouver?

The process of finding a hair replacement surgery in Vancouver can be daunting.Here’s what you need to know.1.What is a hair loss surgery?The hair loss procedure is often performed under general anaesthesia to relieve pressure on the scalp, according to the Hair Loss Surgery Foundation of BC.It’s also often used to relieve pain associated with…

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