• September 27, 2021

Hair transplant: Women are losing hair, a new study finds

Hair transplantation is a controversial procedure in which a donor’s own hair is shaved away.However, some studies have suggested it could be used for treating certain conditions, such as those related to ageing and mental health.In a new survey of over 700 women, researchers at the University of Washington looked at how women felt about…

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Why women have hair loss?

By: Christina M. Mascarenhas The hair loss you see on your face and body is caused by many factors, but there are a few that are most likely contributing to your scalp hair loss.The majority of hair loss comes from stress.Stress is the main reason that hair loss occurs.Stress can also be caused by your…

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What you need to know about hair loss and the treatment

The condition is often referred to as “hair loss”, but it’s actually a result of a genetic disorder.Researchers at the University of Ottawa say that it is an “over-allised and relatively simple” condition that is caused by a defect in a gene called SLC16A2, which makes hair follicles.It is common in women who have a…

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How to Fix Your Hair Loss Without Surgery

A hair transplant surgery can help to reduce the amount of hair loss and hair loss-related diseases that can happen in women.Hair loss is a problem that affects about 25 percent of all women who are diagnosed with the condition.The most common causes of hair damage are infections, hair loss due to infections, and hormonal…

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Which women’s hair loss is best to look after?

Hair loss is a problem for everyone, from women who’ve lost their hair to men with severe hair loss.Hair loss can lead to hair loss of different types, such as coarse hair loss, fine hair loss and coarse hair and fine hair.Men with hair loss can have hair loss that looks like a mullet.And hair…

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