• September 16, 2021

Why are there so many abdominoplasty surgery options in Ireland?

In a nation of 2.8 million people, the numbers of abdominoplasties are on the rise, and one in three women are seeking them out to shrink the belly, a new study shows.Giga Session, a Dublin-based company that specialises in minimising tummy fat and reducing abdominal fat, said a whopping 41 per cent of its patients…

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How to Get Rid of Hair Loss in 5 Steps

I’ve been reading this blog for about two months, and I’ve never gotten hair loss in my entire life.I don’t know if I’m a hair person or not, but it’s pretty obvious to me.My hair loss has always been a problem with me, and it never really got better until I started to get it…

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Which women’s hair loss is best to look after?

Hair loss is a problem for everyone, from women who’ve lost their hair to men with severe hair loss.Hair loss can lead to hair loss of different types, such as coarse hair loss, fine hair loss and coarse hair and fine hair.Men with hair loss can have hair loss that looks like a mullet.And hair…

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When You Lose Your Hair, Your Body Can Heal Up

In the aftermath of the hair transplant industry’s demise, we’ve seen a surge of new companies offering the services of hair transplans, hair loss treatments, and other procedures.In addition to the newly launched Hairloss Imaging and Hair Loss Treatment Service (HITLS), Hair Loss Imaging is offering a free video interview with a top-tier donor in…

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What is a hair transplant and how does it work?

The transplant is the first step in a long process to restore hair to a woman’s head.It’s usually done by cutting out a hair follicle from a woman and applying a mixture of chemicals to that follicle.The hair transplant process is very painful, so a woman will often have to wear a headband and plastic…

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Hair transplant: What you need to know

Hair transplanting is the practice of transplanting one’s own hair to the face of another person to prevent infection.The process involves using a scalp, hairbrush, or other body part to gently inject a thin layer of hair gel into the person’s scalp, often at the base of the hair follicle.The donor hair is harvested from…

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