• August 2, 2021

Breast reduction and hair transplant are the new normal

A Melbourne woman is hoping to take her battle with fibroid disease and her hair to the next level with a new procedure.The woman, who is not yet officially diagnosed, said she is still battling the disease but now feels much better.“I feel so much better, I’m still in pain,” Ms Todashev said.“My hair is…

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This Is How You Can Get A High-Quality Hair Transplant

You’re getting a haircut.You’ve just been to the barber, maybe it was a great haircut or not.You’re excited about the future of your hair, and you want to look great, so you go.But you know that you’re going to look ugly in the long run.You can’t really afford to buy new hair, so it’s time…

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A look at the best cosmetic hair care for the most sensitive skin

Cosmetic dermatology has been around for a while now, but the latest in this series of articles on hair treatment is going to be one of the most interesting to read about.The topic of hair treatment has been discussed in a lot of ways, from cosmetic treatments to hair products and even hair transplants.But what…

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Hair transplant in China: It’s not just for rich people

Hair transplants have become popular in China, where many people in the country have lost their hair due to age-related diseases and lack of access to modern treatments.The transplants are often performed on people who are unable to get traditional treatments because of their age, and are often carried out by a small number of…

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Woman who lost her hair for 25 years now has a new one!

Theresa Williams, a 62-year-old grandmother in California, had her hair cut in 1984 and was told she would never grow it back again.But in 2018, Williams found a solution: a plastic surgery.She was offered a $2,000 procedure to replace her hair.Now, she’s going back to her roots, cutting and styling her hair once more with…

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How the hair transplant revolution will change your life

The hair transplant, which is now commonly used in Canada, has become the latest surgery to be touted as a “gold standard” in hair transplant surgeries.The technique, which involves cutting the hair on a patient’s head and placing it in a tube, allows the scalp to be permanently shaved without scarring or permanent loss of…

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How to reduce your hair loss

Hair loss is a common side effect of cancer treatment and is often a source of anxiety for patients and their families.Hair loss can be caused by a number of conditions, including a number that are not related to your cancer diagnosis.The following are some of the most common types of hair loss that are…

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