Medication for Hair Loss

Medication for Hair Loss: Why It’s Worth It

There has been much said about the cost and limitations of medication for hair loss. This has led many to give up on treating their hair loss altogether. They have become resigned to the fact that their appearance will forever be affected by thinning and balding hair. If you’re among this number, you should take a second look at medication for hair loss.

Medication for hair loss does a lot more than stimulate a few aging hair follicles. Medication for hair loss can be credited with improving self esteem, improving self image and giving those with thinning hair a new lease on life.

Anyone who is faced with thinning hair and a changing appearance knows how devastating it can be. Many are willing to try anything, no matter the cost, to stop losing their hair. Medication for hair loss can help, but some have said it’s not worth the cost.

Let’s break it down: Medication for hair loss can cost $35 to $100 a month. Seems expensive, but it’s not really when compared with other things that you purchase to improve your appearance. Hair color can cost $50 to $100 every six weeks; haircuts can cost $24 to $50 every month. And just think about what you spend on jewelry and clothing. In comparison, medication for hair loss is a small investment to make when it comes to improving your overall appearance.

Medication for hair loss can also improve your self-esteem; it can make you more confident and bolder in social situations. This could lead to a new job, a date or a job promotion. Medication for hair loss may even give you the attitude and personality that you need to be at the hub of your social circle. Now, who can put a price on that?

When you start taking medication for hair loss, you need to be sure that you can make a long-term commitment. Most medication for hair loss only brings about results while you are taking it. If you stop taking medication for hair loss for any reason, all improvements gained will be lost.

And what about all of the people that say that medication for hair loss doesn’t work? They would be misinformed. Much of the medication for hair loss on the market today is backed and proven to be successful by clinical trials. Many are also FDA approved so you don’t have to worry about putting anything questionable into your body.

So what’s the bottom line when it comes to medication for hair loss? It’s worth it. Anything that helps your self esteem and improves your appearance is worth the time, effort and money that you put into it. Remember; not all medication for hair loss is right for everyone. Learn what types of medications are available before you make your final decision.


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