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Rajahmundry :

Rajahmundry or Rajamahendri is a Greater City and municipal corporation of the Andhra Pradesh state in INDIA. It is situated 400 kilometres (249 miles) east of the state capital, Hyderabad, on the banks of the River Godavari. Known as the Cultural Capital of Andhra Pradesh, Rajahmundry is noted for its versatile Vedic culture and intellect. It is one of the oldest cities of India. It is the fourth largest by area and eighth most populous city in Andhra Pradesh.

History :

The City origins can be traced back to the rule of the Chalukya king Rajaraja Narendra who reigned around 1022 A.D, after whom it is named Rajamahendri or Rajamahendravaram.

Rajahmundry is acclaimed as the birthplace of Yasaswi the Great and the Telugu language -- its grammar and script evolving from the pen of the city-born poet, Nannayya. Known also called 'Adi Kavi' (the first poet) of Telugu, Nannayya along with Tikkana and Yerrana, translated the Sanskritversion of Mahabharata into Telugu. Kandukuri Veeresalingam --a social reformer and the author of Rajashekhara Charithra, the first Telugu novel-- was also from Rajahmundry.

Rajahmundry was one of the biggest cities in South India. It was the hotbed of several movements during India's freedom struggle and acted as a base for many key leaders. When the Indian National Congress had its first meeting in Bombay (Mumbai), two leaders from Rajahmundry, Nyapathi Subba Rao and Kandukuri Veeresalingam participated in it. Subba Rao, founder of Hindu Samaj in Rajahmundry, was also one of the six founders of India's noted English daily The Hindu.

The rail road connecting the city with Vijayawada was laid in 1893. Colleges and various other institutions of Learning were set up at the same time. The Gowthami Grandhalayam, a well-known library was established in 1898.

Geography :

Rajahmundry is located at 16.98°N 81.78°E with an average elevation of 14 meters (45 feet). There is a lot of paddy and sugarcane cultivation in the area. River Godavari flows through the west of Rajahmundry.

The Rajahmundry traps, part of the Deccan Traps, are located on the Godavari River and are of particular interest to geologists.

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Climate :

The climate is mostly hot and humid, with mostly a tropical climate and thereby, with no distinct seasons. The mean maximum temperature is 36 °C. The hottest season is from April to June, with temperature ranging from 34 °C to 48 °C -- with maximum of 51 °C recorded in May 2007. The coolest months are December and January, when it is pleasant at 27 °C - 30 °C. There is a lot of rain due to the monsoon and cyclonic storms in the Bay of Bengal.

Tourism :

The biggest attraction in Rajahmundry is the River Godavari. The three bridges over the river are the longest in Andhra Pradesh. Numerous ghats and parks are situated along the river's banks as well.

  • Sir Arthur Cotton, a British irrigation engineer, oversaw the construction of the Dowleswaram Barrage in nearby Dowlaiswaram, a village eight kilometers downstream of Rajahmundry. Asia's second longest after the Japan's Kansai International Airport Sky Gate Bridge.
  • The First Godavari Rail Bridge was built in 1897, under the supervision of Er. Walton, a British engineer, across Godavari connecting East and West Godavari districts.
  • A third railway bridge, The Godavari Arch Bridge, was built between 1991 and 1997. On the banks is the Rallabandi SubbaRao Museum displaying coins, sculpture, pottery, inscriptions and palm-leaf manuscripts.
  • Rajahmundry is also a major Hindu pilgrimage sites, with a number of temples like the Kotilingalu (10 million Sivalingas) temple on the bank of Godavari. It hosts holy congregations called Pushkaram held once every 12 years. A huge and beautiful Krishna temple has been constructed by the ISKCON foundation on the banks of Godavari. Popularly called as Gowthami Ghat, it is a major attraction for young people as a recreational center.

Must Visit Places and Major Attractions

  • Gowthami Ghat,  ISKCON Temple, Riverbay Resorts and Water park, Ayyappa Temple, Kailash Bhoomi
  • Godavari Bund,  Pushkhar Ghat, Sivalingam at Pushkhar Ghat, Markandeyaswamy Temple, Raghavendraswamy Temple, P.V. Narasimharao park
  • Kotilingala Ghat
  • Sir Arthur Cotton Museum in Dowleswaram (beside barrage) and Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple
  • MainRoad (From Fortgate till Syamala theatre)
  • Nurseries (around 200+) in kadiyam, which is around 12 kms from heart of the city where you can find thousands of variety plants
  • A boat cruise on the river Godavari to Pattiseema, Papikondalu, Bhadrachalam through the waterfalls at Perantala Palli, is a major attraction along with the City view Godavari River trip (You can get information from APTDC).
  • Maredumilli, a thick dense forest with waterfalls and resorts which is around 70kms away from Rajahmundry.
  • Annavaram (Lord Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Temple), which is around 70 kms from Rajahmundry
  • Dwaraka Tirumala (Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy Temple), which is around 80 kms from Rajahmundry
  • Draksharamam (Lord Sri Bheemeswara Swamy Temple), also known as Dakshina Kasi which is around 50 kms from Rajahmundry
  • Rosemilk is very famous in Rajahmundry for its taste which will be available in a small stall near Bommana Brothers on Mainroad - A must visit
  • The city is also known for rare breed of fish named Pulasa, available only during monsoon.
  • Many traditional pen-making shops (viz. Ratnam Pens near Fort Gate) where people can place order for a variety of vintage fountain pens in bulk.
  • Pootharekulu are also known as Paper sweets which will be availble on in Rajahmundry Preparation and trading of this sweet is from Atreyapuram near Rajahmundry.
  • ONGC Golf Course at ONGC Base Complex, Most happening places like Main roads of DeviChowk, Danavaipet, Prakash Nagar and Syamala Nagar


  • Rajahmundry is well connected to all parts of the state. NH-5 passes through Rajahmundry (via lalacheruvu). With one national highway and two state highways, it has excellent road connectivity to all important places like Annavaram Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Bhopal, Gwaliorm, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Bangalore and Lucknow. It is the main transportation hub for both the Godavari districts.
  • The City is also well connected by the railway network. Rajahmundry has one of the biggest railway stations in Andhra Pradesh and is one of the top revenue generators for South Central Railways. All trains along the Howrah-Chennai route stop here. It is also connected by a number of trains from Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and other major cities in the country.
  • Rajahmundry Airport situated near Madhurapudi 10km away from the heart of the city Rajahmundry is accessible by air from Hyderabad, Chennai, Banaglore, Vijayawada. Daily four flights are operated by Jet Airwaysand Spicejetfrom Rajahmundry
  • In few days, Flights to Tirupati and Mumbai flights from Rajahmundry are going to get started.
  • The recent tourism developments by the government has made excellent platform for Rajahmundry to boast itself as water-way transport hub. Though currently the water way transport caters for select few purposes like pilgrimage, tourism etc., the government has huge plans for the future.
  • The Municipal Corporation of Rajahmundry is planning to upgrade it form corporation to urban development authority the "Vision City". Recently this city has secured Greater status.

Food and Stay

Star Hotels & Resorts

Major Start Hotels and Resorts in the city are

  • Anand Regency
  • Hotel Shelton Rajamahendri
  • Riverbay Resort
  • La Hospin Hotel & Resort (Mahalakshmi)
  • Jetty Grand

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