Hairloss Medication

Hairloss Medication: The Downside

There are millions of happy hairloss medication customers. There are also numerous clinical trials that point to the fact that hairloss medication do work, but it don’t work for everyone. Even if medication does work, there are several factors that detract from the hype surrounding the success stories.

If you are looking into trying out any hairloss medication, you should familiarize yourself with the pros and cons surrounding hair loss treatment before you make an investment. It is only after you have all of the facts that you can make an informed decision about hairloss medication. The following information will help you out:

  • How success is rated – To be rated as successful, a hairloss medication only has to slow or stop hair loss. There does not have to be any new growth. So when a product claims that it is 83% successful, this does not mean that 83% or even a substantial portion of 83% experienced any hair growth as a result of using the hairloss medication.
  • Long term usage – Hairloss medication is meant to be used consistently and continuously. If you stop using a hairloss medication, you can expect to lose any ground you’ve gained in the hair loss battle. For people experiencing hereditary hair loss, this means that a hairloss medication will need to be used for the rest of their life or as long as they still have hair. This can add up to a sizeable investment over the long haul.
  • Cost – The cost associated with hairloss medication can be quite substantial. Prices range from $35 per month to well over $100 per month. Over the course of time, you could invest thousands.
  • Wimpy new hair growth – Hair growth associated with popular hairloss medication can be sparse, brittle and fuzzy. Many report that the new hair growth that they experience after using a hairloss medication is not the type of hair that they want. In many cases, it is tougher to deal with and maintain than having no hair at all.
  • Speed – It may take months for you to see results from a hairloss medication. In many cases, though, results gained slowly are more desirable than those achieved with a hairloss medication that promises to be quick.

There is no doubt that there are many benefits to be gained from using a hairloss medication. But not all is without sacrifice. Be sure that you understand all of the pros and cons associated with a particular medicine before you try it. Do not be misled by false claims. Do your homework; make sure you can afford it, and be prepared for a long term commitment. You will increase your odds of being satisfied with a hairloss medication if you do all of these things. You should also take the time to research other options available to you.


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