Hair Loss Treatments

7 Home hair Loss treatments for women


Most women and men will be affected by this condition eventually. It need earlier hair loss treatments for women for this condition, the better your chances are for growing the hair back. You can use organic home hair loss treatment for women and stop loss. There are a number of factors for hair loss which are different in men and women. Men in general expertise hair loss for hereditary variables and hormonal things this sort of as change in testosterone levels or androgenic hormone. Excessive stress and consumption of alcohol and smoking are also some factors for male hair loss.


  1. A regular massage to the hair roots encourages development of hair. In aromatherapy, special essential oils like lavender and rosemary are used, which not only prevent hair loss but also make the hair shiny and strong. Herbs like saw palmetto and nettle root extract are also said to avoid hair loss. You can remove the extract of these herbs at home, or bring ready-made nettle root and saw palmetto extract extracts. These are organic herbs and hence have no side-effects.


  1. Maintaining a healthy diet is advised for good hair health. Iron rich foods, Eat milk products, fruits, vegetables and to strengthen hair.The use of coconut water is also the hair loss treatments for women. Amla is one of the a rich organic basisfor the vitamin C.



  1. Avoid strong hair conditioners and shampoos. Also avoid exposing your hair to severe weather such as wind or sunlight for long duration.


  1. The extract of the herb saw palmetto also reduces the heights of DHT in the body. Green tea or Natural tea contains some combinations that avoid the quantity of enzyme 5-alpha-reductase from testosterone into DHT or converting androgenic hormone. Natural tea works best as a hair loss treatments for women when it is poured directly onto your head.



  1. If you want the hair to stay on your head and not on your comb, stop changing hairdressing products every from time to time. This also applies to the cool looking colors and shades. Hair specialists have an advice for women a gap of at least 6 weeks to 8 weeks. Frequent hair color change can also cause for hair loss. Do not use hair shampoos that can be severe on the hair, consult your dermatologist to choose the right hair shampoo for your hair. There are also special hair loss prevention hair shampoos available in the market. Also, try to dry the hair in the organic way.


  1. Clean your head with hot water without the use of hair shampoo. Rub salt into the head for 10 to 15 minutes. Repeat once weekly for five to six weeks. Combine four parts onion juice, one part cognac and six parts burdock tea. This is the best earlier hair loss treatments for women. Apply cover your head for 2 hours and then wash it. Repeat this exercise once a week.



  1. Self-madeor home made hair shampoo – Soak equal amounts of dried amla, shikaka and reetha powder in some water, preferably in an iron pot. Next day, use for washing your hair. This promotes the development of your hair  as well as cures dandruff.



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