Hair Transplantation

Q)  What is Hair Transplantation?

Q) Are there any side effects with HT? Is it painful?

Q) Does it really work?

Q) How long it will take for surgery?

Q) What are the precautions to be taken before surgery?

Q) When can we expect growth of the hair?

Q) Can we cut or shave the hair after growth?

Q) What are FUT & FUE Methods?

Q) Which Techniques do you follow for implantation?

Q) What are the equipments you are using?

Q) What are the benefits of latest technology?


Q) How long we have to continue the medicine after the surgery?

Q) Do we require any medicine for the existing hair?

Q) What causes MPHL (Male Pattern Hair Loss)?

Q) What causes Female Pattern Hair Loss?

Q) Who are eligible candidates to undergo hair transplantation?

Q) when can I go back to work?

Q) Are there any medical contraindications for HT?

Q) In which cases FUE better than FUT method?

Q) What is the difference between Hair & Follicular Unit / graft?

Q) What should be the minimum time gap between individual sittings?

Q) What is the life of transplanted Hair?

Q) Will transplanted hair ever fall out?

Q) Will my new hair look natural?

Q) What is the maximum number of hair grafts that you can transplant in a single session?

Q) Why does the new hair have to fall out?

Q) Is there any age limit for HT?

Q) Can Diabetics and Hypertensives undergo the HT procedure?

Q) What are the advanced techniques in H.T.?

Q) What are the latest methods in Hair Transplantation?

Q) Does transplanted hair grow in burn scar?

Q) what is PRP?

Q) What is the role of P R P ?


Q) What is Liposuction?


Q) How many days hospitalization needed?

Q) Is it painful?

Q) How many days medication needed?

Q) After the procedure for skin tightening what are the precautions to be followed?

Q) How many days rest advised?

Q) Post op follow up for how many days required?

Q) How many days after the procedure the change will appear?

Q) Change in the life style is needed?