Camouflaging Techniques

Of late, several cosmetic products for hair loss that mask the thinning of hair by providing a denser appearance are available. They are a great option as they can be used permanently or just as your hair begins to grow after a transplant. There are many types of such hair loss concealers.

  • Electrostatic fibers
  • Serums
  • Hair powder
  • Sprays
  • Hair pieces / Wigs

Electrostatic fibers: These products are sold in a custom made container which consists of tiny, microfiber “hairs” that blend completely with your hair giving a much denser appearance. These tiny fibers are made of keratin derived from wool which is similar to organic keratin in your own hair. They are applied on the thin areas of scalp by gently shaking the container. These fibers are electrostatically charged and they simply bond and intertwine with the existing hair giving it a much fuller and denser appearance.

There are many companies that make this product now and they differ only in the length of the fiber. These fibers are absolutely safe and can be completely removed by shampooing.

Serums: Serums are nothing but lotions of sesame seed emulsion that can be dabbed on. They are not greasy or sticky and even won’t rub off or stain during strenuous exercises or swimming. They can be easily removed by shampooing. But a closer look may reveal the greasy and unnatural appearance of the hair.

Hair Powder: Its nothing but a hard-packed powder, when applied it coats the thin hairs to make them thicker and spread out to appear full. It even colors your scalp to match the hair color causing it to disappear. It should be applied with a wet sponge applicator.

Sprays: As the name suggests, these are hair thickening sprays that make your hair appear thicker and fuller naturally in a jiffy. They add texture and volume to the thinning hair and make them look fuller. But again, close observation reveals it.

Hair Pieces: These are pieces of natural / acrylic fibers grown / manufactured in desired colors and styles to fit various requirements. They are the various types in these hair pieces depending upon the method they use to fasten it to the bald area / recipient area.

  • Hair bonding
  • Hair weaving
  • Hair gumming
  • Hair Clipping

All these above methods are temporary and the hair pieces need to be replaced frequently depending upon the method they employ.

All these techniques of camouflage help a hair loss patient gain confidence as they give the desired result and are much cheaper to start with. But they can never be replaced by the process of hair transplantation which is considered as gold standard in the process of hair restoration.

The process of hair transplantation is much more cost effective and a permanent procedure in due course of time.