Breast Augmentation

Augmentation: Can be done by two methods...
a. Breast Implants
b. Fat transfer

a. With Implants: The entire procedure usually takes 1-2 hrs and several choices of incisions are available...
(i) Infra-mammary.
(ii) Peri-aereola
(iii) Trans-axillary and
(iv) Trans-umbilical.

Among them, trans-axillary method is better as the incision is made in the armpit which makes it absolutely invisible and even doesn't interfere with breast feeding.

Two Types of implants are available.
a. Saline
b. Silicone

Recently, Saline implants are the only option available and FDA approved. It consists of a Silicone Elastomer shell which is filled with sterile saline; even if it accidentally ruptures in the breast, the fluid is completely absorbed into the body without any harm.

Placement of Implant: Sub-muscular and Sub- Glandular

Of the above two, Sub-muscular is the best choice

Autologus Fat Transfer:
1. Routinely done for Breast Augmentation.
2. For Buttock Augmentation.
3. For filling the post liposuction depressions.
4. For facial rejuvenation.
Procedure: Ones own fat is aspirated which is processed and again reinjected into the needed places under local anaesthesia.
Advantages: 1. Done under local anaesthesia.
2. No need of any hospitalization.
3. No scar.
4. No foreign body reaction.
5. Post operatively no medication or no extra care is needed.

Breast Lift: (Also called Maxopexy)
It elevates the breast to higher position by lifting the sagging breast tissue. It also raises the droopy nipples to the centre. It can be done along with augmentation procedure.