• October 10, 2021

The best hair transplants in India for hair losses

A hair transplant procedure is a relatively new and difficult procedure for many people.

However, as the price of transplanting hair into a patient’s scalp increases, so do the numbers of people needing a hair transplant.

According to the National Hair Transplant Registry (NHTR), a non-profit organisation based in Hyderabadi, India, the number of people wanting hair transplanted to their scalp increased by 7.9 per cent between 2015 and 2019.

The growth in the number wanting hair transplant is likely to be due to the growing popularity of the hair transplant surgery, which is now available to patients in several parts of the world.

“The price of a hair transplant procedure in India has increased by over 5,000% in the last six years.

The costs have gone up significantly, so people are now looking for more effective and cost-effective treatments,” Dr Aruna Nair, the Director of NHTR, told Quartz.

According a 2017 report by the International Journal of Clinical Oncology, there are more than 2,000 hair transplant surgeries in India, and more than 70,000 transplants are performed every year.

The surgeries performed in India are done under a strict set of guidelines.

The procedure involves cutting a patient off the scalp with scissors and then using a scalpel to transfer the hair to the patient’s head.

The procedure has traditionally been done on the side of the face, and is done under the supervision of a dermatologist.

However there are now many other surgical options available for people with hair loss.

For those with hair growth, a hair graft may be an option for a long-term solution.

According the NHTR report, the cost of a transplanted hair graft in India is around Rs 20,000, which comes to around Rs 6,500 for the entire transplant.

The cost of the transplanted transplant is less than 10 per cent of the surgery cost.

Dr Nair also added that the hair graft procedure is not recommended for people who have a condition called rosacea.

In India, patients with rosacea are prescribed a different type of hair transplant in order to make the treatment more effective.

The transplanted transplants help the affected person maintain their hair.

A hair transplant treatment in India.

Photo credit: Shilpa VaidyanathanFor patients with hair transplant problems, Dr Nair said, a treatment called ‘dilatant’ or ‘dilladine’ has also been offered.

Dilatants are injections that contain substances that block the effects of the chemical imbalances in the hair.

These drugs are injected into the scalp and injected into a person’s scalp, thus preventing hair loss and hair growth.

“This treatment has proven to be extremely effective, and has been used in many countries for over 30 years.

However the price has gone up, so the number seeking treatment is growing,” Dr Nairsaid.

Hair transplants have become popular among people with facial hair problems, as they are less expensive than transplanting scalp hair to their face.

The cost of hair transplations in India have increased by 9.3 per cent in the past six years, according to the NHCR.

The increase in the cost is likely due to more people seeking hair transplans, as people are increasingly looking for cheaper and more effective treatments.

For the people with rosinosis, a condition that affects the hair, a small cut of the patient can be done, which can help control the condition.

According to Dr Naired, the treatment costs around Rs 50,000 in India compared to Rs 200,000 for transplanting the hair in the face.

“Hair grafts are not very expensive in India but the price for hair transplation in India increased by 5,500% over the last 12 months.

We do not recommend it as the patient may suffer from rosinosity.

Hair grafts may not be an alternative option for patients with facial rosinosa,” Dr Srinivas, a dermatology specialist at the Jadavpur University Hospital, told The Hindu.

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