• September 14, 2021

Why baldness may be a sign of a hair transplant doctor’s competence

Female pattern baldness is the sign of someone who has successfully undergone a hair follicle transplant, according to a new study by two researchers at Columbia University.

The study, published in the online journal PLOS ONE, is the first to show that hair transplants may not always work for patients who have no previous history of hair loss, said the lead author of the study, Jennifer McDonough, an associate professor of neurology at Columbia.

But the results of the new study suggest that it’s worth pursuing women with hair loss and baldness who have received hair transplans, McDonohsays.

“It’s an important step toward getting better results for these patients, and we’re seeing more and more studies looking at that,” she said.

The researchers found that while some women who underwent a hair transplanction were not completely balding, they had noticeable changes in their hair and were often described as having “bald spots.”

Some of the changes were seen even after patients had stopped using medications that interfere with hair growth.

“I’m not going to be surprised if some of these women do continue to have hair loss,” McDonogh said.

“It’s just that for them, we don’t know why.

That’s why I think it’s important for them to go ahead and have a hair graft.

If it’s something that they’re struggling with, they should go ahead.”

McDonough said it was not yet clear how long the hair transplant patients would have to live with their bald spots before they were no longer bald.

However, the findings were consistent with the idea that hair transplant surgery may not work for everyone, she said, because they did not show any significant differences in the hair growth rates of patients who did not receive transplants and those who did.

“There’s no indication that these patients are more prone to getting bald or bald spots than the general population,” Mcdonough said.

In addition, the study found no differences in patient satisfaction with their hair loss.

“Overall, I was very satisfied with the results,” McNamee said.

She is not aware of any previous studies that have found that transplantation of a patient’s hair with a foreign body causes hair loss or baldness, but it’s possible that some patients may be more sensitive to foreign hair than others.

“This is the second study to suggest that transplant surgery does not cause hair loss in people with hair regrowth and loss,” she added.

McDonoh said it is unclear whether the results suggest that patients who receive hair transplanted with foreign hair do not have permanent hair loss that may be related to the foreign hair.

“I think the important thing to note is that the hair transplant did not completely erase the hair loss we saw in the study,” she explained.

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