• September 16, 2021

Why are there so many abdominoplasty surgery options in Ireland?

In a nation of 2.8 million people, the numbers of abdominoplasties are on the rise, and one in three women are seeking them out to shrink the belly, a new study shows.

Giga Session, a Dublin-based company that specialises in minimising tummy fat and reducing abdominal fat, said a whopping 41 per cent of its patients were women between the ages of 35 and 45 who are interested in minimise tummy, a third were women of all ages, and the rest were women with a BMI between 18 and 24.

The average age of patients was 32.5.

The latest figures also showed that, of the patients who received surgery, 20 per cent were obese, and 12 per cent had a BMI over 30.

The new study, which was commissioned by the Association of General Practitioners (AGP), also found that of those who were obese as adults, one in four had undergone abdominotomy and another in 10 had undergone gastric bypass surgery.

In a bid to increase the numbers, the company is looking to develop a special diet, which will be used to reduce the amount of fat on the tummy.

Giga Session CEO Paul Deveney said the average BMI for a patient was 28, but this number is not known as some patients have not been diagnosed as obese.

He said they were looking at different diet regimens to achieve a similar result.

The company will be working with the National Obesity Taskforce to come up with a more specific diet, and Devene said the diet could be tailored to a patient’s BMI, as well as their genetics.

He also said there were people with a genetic predisposition to having a belly full of fat that are currently underweight and therefore should avoid surgery.

Gigi Session said it would work closely with the Taskforce, and in a bid for a future study, have a female consultant, a BMI of under 18.

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