• September 25, 2021

India’s hair transplant program is so popular, there are now a million transplants in the country

India is getting a lot of buzz over its latest hair transplant, which it says is one of the most popular surgeries in the world.

India’s Hair Transplant and Regeneration Organisation says the procedure is a “wonderful success story,” with more than 100,000 people taking part in the programme since it started in the capital city of New Delhi.

It says the hair transplant is performed on patients who have had their hair cut or cut off and transplanted into the scalp of a donor, which is then used to create a new, natural-looking scalp.

The transplant has been hailed by experts and patients as a “sustainable” way of restoring a person’s hair.

“Our patients have been very happy and positive,” said S.C. Prasad, the CEO of the organisation.

“They have always loved their hair.

This has changed their outlook on their hair and it’s given them the confidence to get the hair back.””

It has also helped them achieve their goals of being able to wear their hair natural again.”

According to the latest figures from the Indian Association of Hairdressers, around 4,000 patients have had transplants.

The Hair Transplants Association of India (HTAI) said the transplants are currently under way in six states, including Bihar, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Odisha.

It said the HTAI has launched a programme to launch a programme of hair transplants to other states, as the government has been reluctant to approve any new transplants for the past two years.

It also said HTAI is working to develop a network of hair transplant centres across the country.

HTAI’s director general P.

C Thakur said he is also in talks with Indian and international hair transplant experts to develop new procedures.

He said a few years ago, HTAI was in discussions with several countries to set up a national network of transplant centres, but no such plan was in the works yet.

“We are in talks and we are ready to implement any such initiative if we can get the support of the government,” he said.

“If we do get a chance to do something like that, we will implement it.”

The HTAI had said it hopes to have a network with 50,000 hair transplant centers in the next six months.

It has said it has also plans to create an online portal for hair transplantation.

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