• September 1, 2021

How to stop a hair loss: A hair transplant in India

By By Dr. Raghavendra Ramakrishnan and Rakesh SharmaThe best-selling book, How to Stop a Hair Loss, is the brainchild of a young medical student and the owner of a beauty salons in Hyderabadi, Hyderabad.

Dr. Ramakreshan, who graduated from Jawaharlal Nehru University in Hyderavathie in 2002, has been working in India for almost three decades and now runs a salon in Hyderabi.

The Hyderabai woman was diagnosed with baldness in 2005 and began undergoing chemotherapy treatments in 2006.

When she had no other options, she decided to have her hair transplanted.

She was initially told she would have to spend several years in intensive care, but her hair transplant, which was done at her own cost, was successful.

Dr. Ramashrishnan said her patients usually undergo a year in intensive-care unit before being allowed to leave the hospital.

“I had to travel to Bangalore to get a hair transplant done in December, 2006,” he said.

“I had a small amount of time to prepare and then I had to wait in the hospital for almost five months before being given the news.

The doctor told me my hair would grow back and I would get to go out of my house, which I am now able to do.”

There was a lot of resistance from my family but we knew the surgery was going to be done right and the treatment was going a very long way to getting me back to normal.

“Dr. Kavita Sharma, a resident physician at the Telangana National Health Services Hospital in Hyderabal, said that patients who have undergone hair transplants typically wait for a year before being discharged.

Hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure and the patient is not going to recover, she said.””

The most important thing is to treat the hair and not the scalp.

Hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure and the patient is not going to recover, she said.”

It is a hair growth procedure.

There is no surgical treatment,” Dr. Sharma said.

My hair is now like a natural boy’s hairstyle,” she added. “

It is great because now I have something to look forward to in my life,” she said, adding that she has started to shave her head and has been trying to make her hair look more like a boy’s hair.

“My hair is now like a natural boy’s hairstyle,” she added.

“My hair has been growing back since I got my hair transplant.

I have not even had to shave my legs because I am already bald.”

Dr Ramashishnan said the success of his hair transplant was not just about his patient’s hair, but the treatment of the patient’s scalp.

“We have a procedure called haemophilia treatment and the patients need to undergo chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells in the scalp,” he explained.

“If the hair is removed, the chemotherapy will kill the cells in there.

We give chemotherapy to the patients to kill off the cancer and we have the chemotherapy in our office.”

The treatment can take from six to 10 weeks.

Dr Ramshishnan, who has been able to shave his hair for three years now, said he was inspired by the treatment in his patients’ stories and decided to share the treatment with the public.

“This is the first time a doctor has shared his story with the general public and the stories of patients are very powerful,” he added.

Dr Kumar Jain, a professor at the Jawahal Nehri Medical College, Hyderabal and director of the Telugu University’s Centre for Research on Hair transplantation, said the patients have shared their experiences of the surgery with him.

“One of the patients, who was in his 70s, said they would be able to go outside and shower and dress as boys for the first few months after the surgery,” he told NDTV.

Dr Jain said the surgery has changed the lives of the two patients.

“In our society, it is not easy to get hair transplant, especially in a country where the treatment is expensive,” he noted.

Hair loss is a major problem in the country and the surgeries have been a huge help in getting people out of the pain of the hair loss,” Dr Jain added.

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