• August 20, 2021

Why is there a female pattern in the baldness pattern of male baldness?

Female baldness has been studied by researchers for a long time, but its importance has been overlooked.

Now, new research from New Zealand has found that the pattern of hair loss is different for men and women.

The findings suggest that the way that we age affects the structure of the hair follicle and the shape of our facial hair.

In fact, the shape and size of the follicle, and the size of our hair follicles is not correlated with baldness. 

The research, published in the journal Cell, used an image of a male and female human head, and a series of photos of different facial features, such as hairline and brow shape.

The scientists then looked at whether the female pattern of baldness was different between men and men.

They found that women were more likely to lose hair at the base of their hairline, where there is less variation between the genders. 

They found that there was a stronger male pattern in baldness patterns of male facial hair than women did.

The researchers hypothesise that the male pattern is due to the fact that males are more likely than women to be born with the facial hair structure that’s associated with male appearance.

“It’s been well established that we all develop facial hair at different ages,” lead author of the study, Dr Tania Bresler, from the University of New Zealand, said.

“But it’s still unknown how our hair changes as we age.

Our study shows that we can see the changes in the structure and the appearance of our face.

The fact that the facial structure is different between the sexes may be due to this male pattern.” 

This study suggests that the shape is not due to any innate differences in our genes, but rather that the differences between the males and females in our hair structure are due to our body composition.

The authors suggest that facial hair shape is a marker for body fat distribution.

“This may be the reason that male bald looks similar to female baldness in women but not in men,” Dr Breser said. 

Researchers are now looking at ways to further understand how our appearance can affect the structure, function and function of our body. 

“We want to understand how hair loss affects our bodies and what it does to our health and well-being,” Dr Ben C. Taylor, from Duke University, said in a statement.

“Our research suggests that we may be able to improve our health by changing the way we live our lives.” 

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