• August 18, 2021

Why India’s new hair transplant clinic is so innovative

A new hair clinic in Vijaya, a southern Indian city, is offering to trim your hair, while giving you a new haircut.

The surgery takes place in a private clinic, and all patients are volunteers, which is the best thing for patients, says D. R. Sharma, director of the Hair Restoration and Hair Regeneration Centre at the Hair Institute of the Medical College of Surgeons of India, who is helping the clinic set up.

Dr. Sharma is also working on a second hair transplant.

“We are trying to find the right people.

We have already transplanted 2,500 patients,” Sharma told The Associated Press by phone from Vijaya.

“But if we can find the best of the best, then we will get more.”

The centre is offering the first-ever hair transplant at a private facility in India, with the aim of making it available to everyone in the country.

The clinic is located in a former industrial area of the city and it has no staff, but is being managed by volunteers, who are required to complete a medical checkup before going to the surgery.

The centre is not affiliated with any government department, and is open only to volunteers.

“The first thing we do is check all the relevant paperwork,” Sharma said.

“We get a copy of the patient’s health certificate and also get a list of the hair loss treatment centres that are available in India.

Then we take the patient and the clinic staff to the centre.

We give them a haircut and they get a haircut.

Then they have to undergo the surgery to remove the hair and make the hair grow back.”

The clinic has already received about 2,000 volunteers and has a waiting list of up to 500 people, Sharma said, adding that the cost is about $250 for each person.

The cost for a haircut is about 50 percent of the surgery itself, which takes about five minutes.

Sharma said that the fee for a cut is about 30 percent of what the patients pay for the haircut.

“They pay us for a long time, but we can’t charge them a fee that high,” Sharma added.

The Hair Institute, which has been operating in Vijayanagar since 2012, has been able to keep the costs low, Sharma noted.

Sharma has no affiliation with the institute and has never heard of it.

“All our work is done by volunteers,” he said.

The new hair centre in Vijanya, which was opened in November 2017, will be operated by a non-profit organization, the Hair Development Trust of India.

Sharma added that it has already started a trial of a free clinic for a second scalp transplant, which will run for two weeks.

“If people can go to the free clinic, they will be able to do a second cut,” Sharma noted, adding he has also seen the clinic work with people who were referred for a hair transplant in the past.

The first surgery, performed in 2014, was successful and the hair graft has grown back.

“It is not possible for us to do the second cut in a public clinic because we do not have enough staff to operate it,” Sharma explained.

“So we are trying this in a rural area.”

Dr. Sharma also said the first hair transplant was successful because it was a woman, so the surgery could be done by a woman.

“In the last few years, the Indian population has grown and there is more need for hair transplants.

But the government and the hospitals have not been able give them enough manpower,” he added.

“The second surgery could take place in two weeks, and that would be great, too.”

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