• August 3, 2021

Why does my hair grow thin?

India has become a national hub for hair transplantation, but not everyone can afford to get their own. 

With the help of a new service that allows people to pay a fee for a hair transplant in their home, a woman named Shri Sathya Sharma got her first hair transplant, from her friend’s mother.

The procedure was performed at a clinic in Rajahmundrry, in central India, in a country with a shortage of hair transplants.

But while the surgery was performed in India, Sharma was born in the United Kingdom.

I am from England, and we have a shortage in our hair transplant programme, says Sathyan, a British woman living in Kerala, who wanted to share her story with the BBC.

India has been known for its hair transplant surgery, but in recent years the number of hair transplant operations has been increasing. 

In February, an American man was told he could have a hair removal in India after receiving an anonymous tip about a local clinic.

 It took six months for the surgery to begin in the UK, but Sharma was able to have her hair transplanted in March.

“I had a little bit of anxiety and worry,” she says.

Her first hair had gone bald in January, and she thought the loss would affect her physical appearance.

“But when I woke up, I was fine,” she explains.

“I had just one small blemish.

But when I looked at my face after surgery, it was just a bit more swollen.”

Her second hair had grown back, and the surgery made it clear that the problem was not her own.

The third hair transplant took place in March and she had to stop wearing her wig in public.

After seeing pictures of hair grafts performed in other countries, she decided to make her own hair transplant.

“It was just like my first one,” she recalls.

It’s a delicate process, says Dr Sathyam, the hair transplant surgeon at the New Delhi hair transplant clinic.

He explains that the hair graft is made up of tiny needles, which are inserted into a person’s scalp, allowing it to grow back.

Sathya, the first woman in the country to receive a hair graft in India from her own mother, has already lost two of her four hair.

But she says she’s happy to have another one.

For her, the biggest benefit is that she has a permanent new hair.

“Now I have my own hair, it’s like my own, my own new body,” she told the BBC last month.

More: The story of India’s hair transplant program

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