• August 7, 2021

What is the best hair transplant for a girl?

A female pattern hair transplant can be a great solution for a patient who is suffering from a hair loss.

In such a case, hair transplant surgery is usually carried out in the hospital for two months, after which it is possible to return to work.

The procedure is usually done with a surgical technique known as keratinectomy, which involves cutting the hair from the scalp into small sections.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds, and is usually performed under specialised anaesthetic and requires the use of a scalpel.

If the patient is unable to get a hair transplant, a second type of hair transplant is often performed.

This involves inserting the transplanted sections into a hair follicle, which is then transplanted back into the patient’s scalp.

The best way to treat a hair problem is through a hair care routine, said Dr Praveen Singh, who is head of the hair transplant unit at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Bengaluru.

“If you have a hair infection or a cut, you can be treated with topical treatment and hair-reduction cream.

If you have an infection, we may also recommend antibiotics, which are also prescribed for infection,” he said.

However, there are some complications, said Singh.

“Usually, patients with a condition such as psoriasis need a transplant, but there are cases in which it may be more effective if the hair is in a healthy condition,” he added.

The surgeon who has the responsibility for hair transplant in Bengalururu is Dr Keshav Bhat, who was also the first person in the country to do a transplant surgery in India.

Dr Singh said that the success rate for female pattern transplant was very high, and that women with hair loss and psoriasms often have more than a 50% success rate in the surgery.

“For female pattern transplants that are performed in the U.S., the surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and hair grafts are inserted under special anaesthetic, so there is less risk of infection and side effects.

The surgery can be performed in a few hours and patients can return home after one week,” he noted.

A hair transplant patient from UdaipurThe best solution for the hair problem, said Bhat , is to follow a healthy diet, which can help the body to grow new hair and prevent the infection.

“People with hair infections and hair loss usually require treatment in the operating room, which requires a lot of time and money, so it is essential that the patient gets the best treatment possible,” he explained.

“The transplant surgery can take place in the clinic and the patient will return home within three days,” said Bhatt.

According to Singh, the best way of treating psoritis is by using the topical treatment that has been prescribed by the surgeon.

“You can get hair transplants from a doctor or a beauty salon, but a hair graft is the preferred treatment option for psoribiotics.

It is a natural hair transplant and it is very good,” he pointed out.

“However, it takes a lot more time and the scalp must be cut at the same time to be successful.

In the end, the hair graft surgery will be performed under anesthetic and hair transplant may be done only after one month,” he advised.

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