• August 12, 2021

What are the facts?

There was no mention of a new report on the issue, though some experts say it would be a good thing to have it.

The report by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation of Religion (ICSR) was commissioned by the government and is being widely discussed as an indicator of whether or not it was successful in deterring extremists from committing acts of violence.

The ICSR, which is led by a former UN official, says it has conducted an exhaustive review of the case, which has uncovered several examples of radicalisation in Pakistan.

The report says that since 2012, there has been an overall increase in the number of extremists who had been identified through the ICSR.

These include young men who have been radicalised in the past and who have since been radicalising in their own way.

“These individuals were also known to their families, who also may have been influenced by other extremist groups, and who were then radicalised to act in this way,” the report says.

The government has also taken steps to curb radicalisation.

The government has issued instructions to local authorities to “promote religious awareness among youth, and also to provide them with guidance on how to manage social media and other online spaces in their communities, particularly on the use of social media platforms such as Facebook”.

But the ICSER report says it does not provide specific guidance on the role of social networking sites.

It says it is a matter for local authorities.

It also says the government should ensure that local authorities do not promote radicalisation of young people through social media.

The ICSEL also said the government was not following the instructions on “proactive efforts” to prevent radicalisation, such as social media campaigns and information campaigns.

The committee’s report said that in a country of over 1.2 billion people, this “is a difficult task”.

The committee recommended the government increase its social media surveillance efforts, particularly to monitor and identify extremists online.

The Government, it said, should “promise to develop measures to monitor the activity of individuals who may be engaged in terrorist activities”.

The ICSR report said the Government of Pakistan should also strengthen the anti-radicalisation efforts in the country by:   “Increasing the capacity of the intelligence agencies to conduct regular and timely investigations into suspected extremists, especially those linked to international terrorism, and to monitor their activities and activities of associates”.

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