• August 7, 2021

‘I lost my hair’: A transgender woman tells her story of survival

In 2015, after months of intensive research, the first transgendered woman to be admitted to a hair transplant clinic in India was waiting to be examined.

The patient had lost her hair and had a condition called polydactyly.

After undergoing an operation to remove all of her hair, she had to have a total of three treatments before she was able to have her second hair transplant.

A month after the surgery, the patient came to the clinic with her new hair, her new condition, and her new gender.

But despite the surgery being a landmark for a woman with the condition, the Indian authorities have been unable to find the donor.

The surgery was not funded by the government, so the patient is left to fend for herself.

The story of the patient, who is a former school teacher, has been chronicled by a transgender activist in the country, who has been working for years to raise awareness about the condition.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, told Al Jazeera: I was diagnosed as having ‘polydactyl’ in 2014 and started my transition in 2016.

In June 2016, I received my first transplant in my new gender, and I am very happy with the results.

I am now the mother of a beautiful child and I have a new lease of life.

I started my hair transplant treatment after being told that the procedure would be done in the future and that the donor would be my future husband.

This time, I was assured that I would be able to find a donor.

When I tried to go to the local hair transplant centre, they told me that they had no donors available.

In March 2017, I called the surgery centre to tell them that I had lost my two remaining hair follicles.

I had to go back to the surgery facility for the third and fourth hair transplant operations.

It was only then that I learned that the government was unable to finance the operation, leaving me to fend.

At this point, I had already lost both my hair follicle and my new hair transplant, and my two other transplants.

So I was left with no option but to resort to my own.

I contacted the transgender activist on Facebook and shared the story of my experience.

After I shared her story, her friends, relatives and followers reached out to me.

They shared their stories of the life and work that they and their families have done for transgenders, as well as their own stories of survival.

But it was not until November 2017 that the transgender rights organisation, Kishan Kalyan Karyan (KKKL), began a campaign to raise funds for the hair transplant surgery in her case.

KKL was able raise Rs 4,000 ($744) through its Facebook page.

The campaign is still going on today, and KKN Kalyani, a transgender rights activist and a member of KKLC, told us that she has reached out over the last three months to the donor, and has been able to track down a donor who has offered to donate for the second transplant.

“We have a waiting list of people to receive a donor, but we have reached out through Facebook and WhatsApp to a donor with a good record of donations, and the donor has told us the procedure will be done at a future date,” KKLYA said.

But when KKalyani contacted the donor via Facebook Messenger, the donor did not respond.

Kalyane said the donor is from an upper caste community, and his hair transplant operation would be “very difficult”.

“We know that he will be very careful to get rid of the hair and not use any chemicals or drugs.

He will also not have any physical scars or any physical problems in his body.

The donor will have to come back every year for the next three years to undergo his hair removal procedure.

The recipient will be given a certificate from the transplant surgery centre stating that the hair is now in the right place,” Kalyannan Kiyamal, KKLA’s executive director, told the Al Jazeera.

The Kalyanian Kalyans have been the first to be able offer to donate the second hair.

But KKLP Kalyana, the organ donor and the organ-harvesting specialist who performed the second operation, told KKR that there is a shortage of organs.

“It is not just us, but also our neighbours who have been giving blood donations in the past three years,” KKR organ donor Kalyanna Kalyano told Al, explaining that there was a shortage in organs for transplantation in the last few years.

KSL has now started a campaign on its Facebook and Twitter pages to raise money for the operation.

KLYA told us she has had enough.

“I lost all my hair.

I cannot even talk about the loss of my hair, and what I have suffered for the last six years

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