• August 6, 2021

How to Get a Hair Transplant in India

A hair transplant in a small village in the southern state of Kerala has been a rite of passage for thousands of patients.

But with the number of transplants soars to more than 10,000 a year, the procedure has also become a rite-of-passage for some patients, with those who need one often unable to afford one.

For some, the costs of the transplant are high, with one transplant centre charging about $2,500 for the procedure, according to the Indian Medical Journal.

But for others, it is a matter of affordability.

“I don’t know if I can afford it, but I do think I’ll get a haircut,” said Ashok Gupta, a 35-year-old resident of an NGO housing cooperative in Kollam.

“I don’ want to look like a beggar in the hospital or worse.”

Despite the growing number of patients needing transplants, the procedures are still largely illegal in India.

Even if the government allows it, many doctors will refuse to perform one, citing ethical concerns.

The practice is often not discussed publicly.

A new study by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research (NIMHAR) has found that in the last decade, the number that had hair transplants increased from 2,000 to 3,400.

In 2015, it was 4,300.

India has the third highest number of hair transplanted in the world behind China and the US.

But India’s government does not provide enough information about the procedure to ensure patients have access to a hair transplant.

It has also said that it would work with NGOs to increase awareness about hair transplant.

In the past, there was a national campaign to raise awareness of hair transplantation and to provide information to the public.

But there has been no such concerted campaign since 2010.

“The Indian government is trying to do the right thing but it is not getting there yet,” said Anand Kulkarni, the president of the NGO Hair Foundation, which campaigns for hair transplans.

“In the last 15 years, we’ve seen that a lot of people are getting the transplant,” said Gopal Kumar, an advocate for hair transplant patients.

Kumar said that in his village of Thiruvallur, the population of around 500 people had already undergone the procedure in the previous few years.

The community’s hair is the same colour as that of their skin.

They do not use traditional medicine, but they also have an open heart.

The patients use a razor and scissors to cut the hair, leaving it to grow in their hair.

But some villagers believe that if they could find a better alternative to the traditional method, they would consider it.

“Our hair is not so beautiful, we have to pay for it,” said Roshan Thakur, a 33-year old resident of Thiruvananthapuram.

The government has also promised to set up a centre for hair transfer in the next two years.

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