• July 27, 2021

When can we expect hair transplants in India?

The first time I saw a man’s hair transplant was in December, 2006.

A patient named Raja had recently had his hair cut off at a local hospital, and had been in pain for the past two weeks.

“I had never seen anyone with this kind of hair loss before,” he told me.

“When I woke up the next morning, I was in such a pain I couldn’t even get up.”

Raja told me he was afraid he would die.

“That day, I decided to come to the hospital,” he said.

“It was only then I realized how bad I was.”

The next day, a nurse came and put his head in a bucket of cold water.

She took the blood off Raja’s scalp, and he was given a scalp transplant.

“Within two weeks, he had lost his hair, his eyebrows, his mustache, his chin,” Raja recalled.

“The next thing I knew, I lost my legs.”

The donor hair transplant, called a bicep transplant, was performed at the Sohrabuddin Hospital in Chennai, India, where a doctor, Dr. Jeevan Sharma, is credited with being the first in the world to perform one.

The bicept transplant procedure is similar to a hair transplant.

The donor’s head is cut off and the rest of the body is filled with a special substance, which gives the patient a permanent, shiny new head.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes and costs $500.

Dr. Sharma said that a single patient’s hair loss costs about $1,000.

The transplant procedure can be done in India, though it’s often referred to as a “tailored” bicectomy, meaning it’s done with an electric scalpel and no anesthesia.

The patient receives a scalp, a new skin layer that grows over the original, and a new bone that is made from the donor’s own hair.

Hair transplants are relatively new in India.

About 40 percent of people with hair loss in India have transplants.

In addition to the hair transplant surgery, a hair stylist or cosmetic surgeon is usually involved, and the donor can get a new hair color.

There are about 1,000 hair transplant surgeries happening in India each year, according to the National Centre for Hair Transplantation.


J.C. Sharma and P.A. Dharamand have been operating in India for 30 years.

They are the only doctors in India to have performed a bicyle transplant, a technique that allows for the removal of a patient’s own scalp hair.

The procedure, which can be performed on both men and women, is considered to be a more invasive procedure.

It can be more expensive than a scalp surgery, but is much safer and less invasive.

The hair transplant procedure that I saw was done by Dr. Raja at Sohraba Hospital in Chinnaswamy in Chennai.

It cost him around $1.25 million.

He said the transplant procedure was relatively easy.

“If you have your own hair, it takes less than two hours,” he explained.

“This is not easy to do, but it is done with good results.”

Dr. Sharma has a long history of being one of India’s top surgeons.

He’s also the director of the Centre for Biomedical Sciences at the Indian Institute of Technology in Bangalore, where he teaches undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

He is a graduate of the Indian National School of Medicine in Kolkata, and is a practicing dermatologist.

I had an interview with Dr. Shah, who said that he had seen hundreds of patients who had had transplants and said they were very happy.

“Most of the people with the transplants, they felt very satisfied,” he added.

“They had a permanent and shiny new look.”

Dr Sharma said the donor hair would grow back and that the recipient’s hair would stay healthy.

“In my experience, the recipient would not experience any adverse effects from the transplanted hair,” he says.

Dr. Jairam Kumar, who runs a private cosmetic surgery clinic in New Delhi, told me that he has performed about 40 transplants of donor hair.

He told me the procedure was very simple.

“He can take care of himself,” he noted.

“His hair is perfectly healthy.”

India has seen an increase in the number of transplants over the past decade.

In 2014, India’s number of patients receiving transplants topped 5,000, up from just under 2,000 in 2005.

In 2015, the number was 8,000 patients.

Dr Raja has had two more transplants: one in 2010, and one in 2017.

He has also had one more in 2018, when he had his second transplant.

India has a total of 2,500 transplants happening every year.

But Dr. Singh, the surgeon at

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