• July 25, 2021

What are hair transplants and why do you need one?

India has just been granted a $30 million US$2.5 million ($3.3 million) US$5 million (€4 million) grant to fund a new hair transplant clinic in India that hopes to help people who have lost their hair due to cancer, according to the Associated Press.

The Indian National Cosmetic Institute has announced that the programme will help people with hair loss who need hair transplantation and is the largest ever such hair transplant in the country.

According to the news agency, Indian officials will have to prove that the hair transplant would not cause further damage to the patient’s health.

According to the National Cosmetic Foundation, which is part of the Indian National Institutes of Health, hair loss has affected about 30 per cent of the population.

India has a history of transplants to the head, which has resulted in several head transplants.

The country has one of the highest rates of head transplanted transplants in the world.

India is also home to the world’s oldest known natural hair, known as kruti, and a hair transplant that was carried out on the face of the Emperor Charles V in 1868.

The first head transplant took place in 1893 and more recently in 2017 a donor’s head was transplanted to the neck of a terminally ill patient.

India’s population has been estimated at more than 200 million people and has a total fertility rate of 2.8.

In a press release, Indian cosmetics giant Innisfree India said it had signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indian Cosmetic Institute, which will allow the cosmetics company to conduct the first of more than 400 hair transplant programmes in India.

“Our focus will be on developing innovative cosmetic products, which enhance people’s beauty and personalization,” the company said in a statement.

The new programme will allow for the establishment of new hair transplanted patients, who will undergo a six-month hair transplant and will be eligible for cosmetic treatment for up to 12 months.

Indian cosmetics giants Innisfreys and Sephora have both pledged to provide the first hair transplant surgery in India in 2017.

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