• July 13, 2021

Trump’s hair transplant surgery has caused a lot of controversy, but what does it actually mean?

By Katie Sjolund and Steve BolenCNN November 26, 2020 10:00:24In recent weeks, Donald Trump’s popularity has surged in part because of his controversial hairstyles.

But some people have questioned whether Trump’s transplant surgery is a form of cosmetic surgery.

The procedure has been condemned by many as cosmetic surgery and is considered a dangerous and unnecessary procedure, but others say it’s a necessary and ethical treatment for the president.CNN asked experts to explain the controversial surgery in detail.

Read More”The procedure is the only way that he can have a normal life and to be able to get his hair back,” said Dr. Steven E. Goldstein, an anesthesiologist and chief medical officer of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

“He can’t have his hair cut, or he can’t be seen in public without his hair covered by a wig, and that’s just not possible.”

Goldstein is one of many experts who say Trump’s hairstyle has changed his personality, and could change his appearance.

Goldstein said there are certain hairstyles that make him look “beautiful” and others that look “unhealthy.”

“He has a lot more hair now than he did before,” Goldstein said.

“I’m not saying it’s good for him.

I’m saying it changes the way he sees himself.”

Trump’s hair has changed as well.

“When he first started to have the hair transplant, he didn’t have much,” Goldstein told CNN.

“There was a lot less of it.

Now, his hair is all natural, and it’s grown and grown and it looks really great.

I mean, he’s a really big man now.””

I’ve seen his hair grow like a tree,” he added.

Goldsteins own hair transplant business, The Donald Trump Salon, has seen huge demand from customers around the world.

Goldman said Trump’s decision to donate his hair to the salon is not controversial.

“This is the president’s hair, and he has the right to do it.

This is the man who is in office, he is in charge of the Oval Office, he has a right to have his own hair, to have that cut and to have it removed, as he would like,” Goldstein added.

But some say Trump has not followed his own advice and needs to learn to be a better person, or to accept that his hair looks a little different.

“I think he is doing it because he’s trying to look more presidential, and I think that’s good,” said Linda Friel, an OB/GYN who has worked with Trump.

“But he needs to do the same for the rest of us, for us to feel comfortable with what he has.

And I think he’s doing that now.”

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