• July 27, 2021

‘I would never do that’: Mother and daughter of Indian woman killed in US airstrike in Pakistan

A Pakistani woman who had been living in New York for eight years was found dead by her boyfriend’s father and her daughter in Pakistan.

The body was found in the garden of their house on Sunday, her mother and daughter told The Associated Press.

It was unclear whether she was killed or killed in an accident.

The victim was identified as Rani Riaz, 29, who had reportedly moved to New York in 2011 from her hometown of Balochistan, Pakistan.

Her body was recovered from the garden on Sunday afternoon, according to the Associated Press news agency.

A statement from the family said Rani was on her way to a friend’s wedding in the city.

“She loved her friends and family and was happy and joyful to be here in New England,” the statement said.

Rani’s mother, Haji Zainul Haq, told AP her daughter had been working in a garment factory and was a member of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).

She said she had received a call from Rani on Sunday morning saying she had been found.

“The body is lying in the flowerbeds and I have seen a large number of police vehicles coming and going,” she said.

“My daughter’s head was covered with a white sheet.”

Her father, Asim Haq told AP Rani had told her about the bombing and was planning to leave for the United States, but they were “still talking.”

He said she was a “nice, intelligent woman”.

“She worked in the factory, her parents were very good to her, she would work all day and come home at night.

I was surprised to hear that she had lost her life.”

Rani and her mother had been dating since 2010, according the statement from her family.

The pair were “friends, and Rani often went to her parents house to visit them,” it said.

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