• July 17, 2021

Hair transplant doctors say it’s not safe for patients to be in the public eye

It’s not just the people in the media that are at risk from a hair transplant.

Hair transplant surgeons are also concerned about the public being exposed to the surgery and are concerned that patients are at greater risk of infection.

Dr Stephen Foulds, of the Royal Melbourne Hospital, said he was aware of one case of someone being exposed after undergoing a hair transfer and had warned people to be aware of the risks.

“If you have been to the transplant centre you will be told to keep away from patients and take precautions if you are near patients, especially when they are wearing full body protective clothing,” he said.

“There is an infection in the body and the hair is the major component of that.”

It is not something that is going to be contained in a bag or you are going to go to a hospital and be tested and treated there.

“Dr Foulders said the risk of an infection was not limited to people with known health issues.”

The risk is of people having contact with the patient, people who have had a previous hair transplant or the patient’s hair and people who are in contact with that patient,” he told the ABC.”

They are all at risk.

“Dr Nick Bostock, of Melbourne’s Mount Isa Hospital, echoed that sentiment.”

In terms of infection, you’re looking at people who’ve had previous transplants, or people who may have a history of hair transplants,” he explained.”

I would say if you’re in the vicinity of a hair centre or someone who is a donor, you could be at risk.

“You might not know what you’re doing.”

What you need to know about transplants:

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