• July 25, 2021

Hair transplant and male pattern in a Single Session

The hair transplant and hair loss treatment are not available in India right now, according to a top official of the Indian Society of Hairdressers (ISH).

However, there is no need to worry because Hairdresser Surjit Singh, MD, and president of the Society of Professional Hairdressing, Dr. S.R. Singh, are working on a solution.

Singh said the treatment of the hair transplant procedure is under development and will be ready within a month. 

He said the procedure would help patients who have lost their hair due to complications of diabetes, cancer, and other maladies. 

The surgery would help to regenerate lost hair and hair follicles, he added.

Singhti said it was a great opportunity to work on a new hair transplant technique for those who have had hair loss, but had not received treatment. 

“We have to be realistic.

We have a very large population who have no access to the hair loss and hair transplant technology.

We need to provide the right support and equipment,” he said. 

A hair transplant involves extracting and injecting the follicles from the scalp and transplanting them into a patient’s scalp. 

Singh noted that the procedure is extremely painful and the patient must undergo the same treatment as those who are undergoing other treatments, such as chemotherapy. 

However, this is not the case for all patients. 

While hair transplant is not a surgical procedure, a hair transplant has a lot of complications, such that the patient will require a longer and more complicated procedure. 

It is a procedure that requires careful observation and medical supervision.

Singi said the hair graft is an important part of the patient’s health care. 

After the hair is extracted and transplanted, the patient should undergo the treatment with the help of the physician. 

 “Hair transplant is a very challenging procedure and we need to make sure that all the patients get the right treatment, so they can go ahead with their life as normal,” Singh said. 

 He added that the Hairdressor Surgery Centre in Mumbai is working on an alternative to the Hair transplant. 

There are two hair transplant centres in the city and each has their own procedures and procedures are performed by the same medical team. 

Another issue that needs to be addressed is the number of doctors.

“We have one specialist hair transplant surgeon, but if there are not enough specialists, it will take a long time to get results,” Singh added. 

As far as a cure is concerned, Singh said there is a possibility of the treatment curing the condition in about two years. 

According to him, there are no plans to increase the number or number of hair transplant surgeons. 

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